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So I did a US drugstore makeup haul a few months back from Ulta.  I was not aware then that I would be moving to US, so a very close buddy of mine took the pains of going to Ulta and with the help of the SA marched through the racks getting me all the items on my list. A big mwaaah to him :* for bearing with my constant revisions in the list 😛

ulta makeup
Ulta Haul Vol 1

Anyway let’s get the party on the road. First and foremost I had been dying to get my hands on the real techniques brushes since ages. I know they are available in India but at such a whooping price difference, I would rather not buy them. I got the Real techniques core collection set which is basically a collection of 4 face brushes – buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, contour brush and detailer brush.
Real techniques brushes created by the Pixiwoo sisters are the much raved about budget brushes. And just to add to the core collection, I picked up the expert face brush too.

real techniques brushes
Real Techniques Brushes

Another product I have wanted to try is the elf blush. I had decided upon 3 shades; however I could get only one which is the shade Pink passion – a gorgeous bubblegum pink color. The other two were out of stock. Such a bummer!!!

Physicians formula bronzers are raved about on the international beauty blogger circuit. So I thought of giving it a try and picked up the BB bronzer.

ulta makeup
Ulta Haul Vol 1

During my Ulta.com stalking, I saw the NYX gallery and sneaked in a few of their products to my list. I got the Soft matte lip creams in 3 shades- Amsterdam, Addisababa, Antwerp and Nyx brow powder in dark brown. I also added a Wet wild lipstick – an oh so amazing pink to my list.

nyx soft matte lip creams
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Now how is a haul complete without some eye makeup?! So after much of a fully fledged war between my heart and brain, I decided on the Maybelline Nudes pallete and the Kardashian beauty pallete.

maybelline the nudes eyeshadow pallete
Maybelline The Nudes Pallete
kardasian beauty pallete
Kardasian Beauty Pallete

So..that’s all for the haul. I’ll be reviewing all the products in the coming weeks/months. So stay tuned 🙂

P.S. If you see the post title it mentions volume which suffices to say that Ulta is close to my place and I plan to feature a good number of hauls here *wink wink*


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  1. Now that’s a great haul! I am super excited to read your reviews. I love the brushes from Real Techniques. I wish there was an ULTA here.

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