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This is going to be my first D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) post.Yay! Now many of us have at some point in time struggled to grow out our hairs. I have! I am naturally “blessed” with thin hair. So volume being the biggest concern, I was always on the look out for hair products that would accelerate hair growth. Natural food supplements like flax seeds promote hair growth, but its a slow process. Nevertheless you will reap the benefit later on. In my search for such natural ingredients/activators, good ole Google showed a few write ups on benefits of mustard for hair growth. You will find many mentions of this mustard recipe however this one has my own stamp on it πŸ˜‰

This mustard hair mask is basically a heat stimulating concoction that allows blood flow in your hair scalp kick starting the hair follicles to grow faster.


1 heaped tbsp mustard powder/grounded mustard seeds (yellow variant)
1 tsp water
3 tbsp virgin olive oil/cold pressed coconut oil/cold pressed almond oil
1 whole egg** (vegetarians can use 1 small cup of fresh cream/curd instead)


Take mustard powder in a cup. Add cold water drops and make a paste. Once done, add the oils of your choice (you can add different oils) and mix them well. Once you get a decent paste mixture, add a whole egg to it.
Give the components a good mix till you are satisfied that the ingredients are combined well having a runny texture. Ta da! Your hair mask is ready.

The reason I add a whole egg to the mixture instead of just the yolk is because egg white is a natural conditioner that softens hair and adds shine. So this mixture will not only engage in hair growth but will also give adequate conditioning.

Now before you use this mask, do a patch test to ascertain that you are not allergic to mustard. Apply the pack to small area of the scalp and leave it on for about 20 min. If there is a slight heat sensation you are good to go ahead. If you face heavy tingling, then wash it off immediately with cold water. You may also face heavy heat sensation if you use more than the mentioned quantity of mustard. Heavier concentration, heavier heating. So stick to the recipe measurements!

Apply the hair mask to the scalp covering all the area. Cover the hair using a shower cap or fluffy towel and relax for about 25 to 30 minutes. You should feel a mild tingling or heat sensation after about 5 minutes of application. This means the mustard is working its magic πŸ˜€ Once the time is up, wash off the pack using cold water. Follow it up with your shampoo and conditioner. Use this pack once every week and witness with your own eyes how your hair grows out luxuriously! Personally I noticed (as well as my mom and friends) that my hair grew about 3 inches after 2 applications!!!! This mask is a true dream if you are looking at faster hair growth.

Also, I alternatively use castor oil in the mix which stimulates the growth of thicker hair.

hair growthhair growth

hair growth

hair growthhair growthImage Courtesy : Google Images

**Personally I haven’t tried curd or fresh cream but these are equivalent alternatives to egg.

Have you guys tried mustard for hair growth? Let me know what you think of this mask by commenting below.

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    • Thanks Purva πŸ™‚ Really don’t know how it works with curd, but if you try let me know!

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