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You all know how it is when we go beauty shopping. Though I make it a point to keep a list of products that I need to pick up, while browsing through all things these beauty stores stock (to lure us in!!!), just like every other poor soul, I too fall prey and end up buying more than I need. Last I visited Sephora, I picked up this face mask I had read about online but thought I’d give it a try later since there are quite a few things I had to finish off. As if that decision was going to last! it is a lost battle peeps. Anyway, this face mask is straight from Sephora’s in house products. It is the Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying.

Product Description

Formulated without parabens*

sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying

Price   $19 INR for 60ml


sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying

What I think

Sephora Mud Mask comes in a heavy luxurious glass jar with a white plastic container built into the jar. The double layered look is quite fancy. It comes with a black screw on lid for the jar and a thin plastic lid to cover the contents in the intrinsic plastic container. This inner lid prevents the product from drying up or getting on the inside of the main lid. All said, the build is chic and attractive. The glass tub packaging nevertheless has its hygiene drawbacks. The mask is grey in color and has a thick texture that surprisingly is easy to work with. It spreads smoothly and dries really fast. The mask is infused with zinc and copper that acts as purifying agents and white clay that softens and feeds the skin with essential mineral salts. The product does come with a decent amount of soft rubbery particles that are actually orange peel powder providing some exfoliation. The mask smells like wet soil after rain – absolutely blissful. It’s my favorite nature associated fragrance.

Even with generous application, it dries up in less than 10 minutes. It has a very cooling and relaxing effect. As the dried mask is washed off, it draws out all impurities leaving the skin smooth, supple and glowing. The glow lasts for about 3 days which is more than any mask I have used till date. You actually feel like you just had a facial spa. It is not too drying for my combination skin but follow up with a moisturizer is recommended. I did not face any breakouts on my skin. Since its a clay based mask, it would work great for those with combination & oily skin types.

Overall this face mask is absolutely worth the money! It is honestly one of best clay masks I have used till date.

sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying
sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying
sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying
sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying


sephora mud mask
Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying


  • Luxurious looking glass jar
  • Easy to work with
  • Orange peel provides exfoliation
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Adds radiance to the face
  • Glow lasts about 3 days
  • Removes impurities
  • Completely removes oil
  • Best suited for oily/combination skin types
  • Non acnegenic
  • Paraben free*


  • None


I highly recommend this face mask and would repurchase it. It is cooling and relaxing and makes skin smoother, softer and radiant. Those with Oily & Combination skin should definitely try this out.



Let me know if you guys have tried the Sephora Mud Mask? Which is your current favorite mask?

* Mentioned on Sephora website


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