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This is going to be a quick and short review. It was my birthday last week and as it can’t be helped I had to splurge a little at Sephora lol. So being the birthday month, I received the Sephora Beauty Insider gift set.It consisted of two mini Nars lip pencils from the Velvet Matte & Satin range. I got the shade Cruella in Velvet Matte and Rikugien in Satin. I had always wanted to try the Velvet Matte lip pencils and was super-excited to receive these 2 beauties.

nars lip pencil
Nars Lip Pencils – Cruella & Rigukein


I absolutely love this shade of red! It is simply gorgeous. Applies smooth and soft and feels velvet-y just like how it is meant to be. I use this just like a normal lipstick and it sits really well without any feathering. But the velvet-y smooth finish doesn’t make this last longer as a matte formula is supposed to. Oh well! I love the color and feel – so definitely not complaining.

nars velvet matte lip pencil
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Cruella (L:1 Swipe, R: 2 Swipes)


Now this is a pretty pink shade with lots of subtle silver shimmers. Shimmers are infused in the formula and they don’t appear gritty at all. The shimmers don’t even appear obvious unless you take a closer look. Its a beautiful shade that works pretty well for an everyday look. It could be a MLBB shade for lighter skin tones. All said, I am not happy about the feel of this lip pencil. Though it goes on smooth and soft on the lips, it lacks moisturization. My lips feel parched as soon after I have it on – its disappointing. This is something that is expected from a matte formula but unfortunately this satin lip pencil fails big time. Anyway I absolutely love the shade and I’m dying to get hold of a dupe 🙁

nars satin lip pencil
Nars Satin Lip Pencil – Rigukein (L:1 Swipe, R: 2 Swipes)

One major gripe I have with pencil products in general like most of you out there is the need to sharpen. It results in lots of product wastage. Being mini-sized, you don’t get much product in the first place. Full sized versions priced at $27 is definitely expensive when they need to be sharpened.

Sephora team chose beautiful shades as part of this gift set. Impeccable choice.

If any of you guys know a dupe for Rigukien, please shoot a comment below and let me know <3

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  1. Love that Cruella colour from NARS. That was a detailed review, thanks for sharing. I’ll surely try this one out!

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