Lush Refresher Shower Jelly Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Lush Refresher Shower Jelly. This is the first time I have used any sort of bath jelly and was totally intrigued about the idea. I like citrus fragrances so choosing Refresher was a no brainer. Lush has 5 different options and I cannot wait to try the others.

Product Description
Get in a lemony lather. When it’s nice weather for ducks outside, head straight for the shower with this lemony jelly. Inside, an explosion of fresh organic lemon infusion, lemon oil and organic lemon myrtle will blow the blues away. To get your skin really going, leave your jelly in the fridge and take it out only when it’s time to shower. The rush of cold will send blood pumping to the surface, delivering a super-refreshed feeling.

Get ready for this jelly: Put it in the fridge for a refreshing jolt any time of the day.
Lemon, lemon, lemon: We’ve packed tons of lemon into this one for a truly invigorating zing!
Sea what? Carrageenan seaweed extract helps give this gel (and your skin) a super-soft feel.

Directions for use
Crush it into a shower pouf to create a rich lather or rub directly on your body. Try freezing (or chilling) first for an especially cool, refreshing shower or bath experience. Shower jellies also make great shampoos and add lots of softness and shine to hair

Price  $6.95 for 100g


lush refresher shower jelly
Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

What I think

Lush Refresher Shower Jelly comes in a semi-transparent plastic tub with a screw on lid. The tub is light weight and air tight. It has a rounded base and wide mouth. The jelly as expected is in the shape of the tub. The product has a lustrous golden sheen to it owing to the Yoshi Yellow Lustre as one of the ingredients. It looks really pretty. The jelly is wobbly and lightweight. As suggested, just knick of a small portion and work it into a loofah. It lathers up really well with just a small amount of product. It doesn’t dry up the skin at all. The Lush Refresher Shower Jelly can also be used in its entirety by smoothing in onto the skin. However this works for the first few uses. After that once the jelly starts to show signs of wear and tear, it won’t be practical to use the whole portion as that results in product wastage.
The product smells of lemon which is the main ingredient. Just like the TBS Satsuma shower gel, the lush refresher shower jelly causes a citrus blast in the bath. The smell lasts for a good couple of hours on the skin as well. Post shower skin feels rejuvenated, smooth and extremely soft. Lush says this jelly can be used on hair to add shine and softness. I haven’t used it on my hair so that aspect will remain unexplored. Overall, the lush refresher shower jelly is a great buy. You get a good amount of product for the price and it lasts for really long if used with care.

lush refresher shower jelly
Lush Refresher Shower Jelly
lush refresher shower jelly
Lush Refresher Shower Jelly
lush refresher shower jelly
Lush Refresher Shower Jelly
lush refresher shower jelly
Lush Refresher Shower Jelly


  • Compact plastic tub
  • Beautiful shiny color
  • Lathers extremely well
  • Adds softness and makes skin smooth
  • Lemon scented
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Small amount of product needed
  • Value for money


  • Shows wear and tear with use
  • Not advisable to use in full portion


Highly recommended! A must try shower jelly with potent lemony zest that adds ample softness to skin. Moreover you will smell like lemon candy for a good few hours.



Have you guys used the Lush Refresher Shower Jelly? Or any bath jelly in general?? Let me know by commenting down below

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