Evian Facial Spray

Pure, natural skincare from the French Alps, evian® Facial Spray is very beneficial for any skin type at any age. To ensure that every canister of evian® Facial Spray contains the same extreme purity and neutral 7.2 pH that has earned decades of international respect, evian® water is tested 300 times each day. evian® Facial Spray’s unique, balanced, mineral content and exquisitely fine micro-droplet mist allow skin to better absorb its hydration and blend and finish makeup into a smooth, natural look. This favorite of skincare and makeup professionals is affordable luxury at its best.

evian facial spray

Price   $18 for 300 ml, $12.5 for 150 ml and $7 for 50 ml

Ingredients: Pure, Natural evian Mineral Watere: Propelled by safe nitrogen with a neutral 7.2 pH

Evian Facial Spray – Review

Evian Facial Spray comes in a simple leak proof white bottle with a nozzle spray dispenser. The nozzle dispenses fine even mist which settles smoothly into the skin. I am always nitpicky about any facial spray or toner that comes in bottle with a nozzle dispenser. You don’t want to look like you dunked your face in water. Evian facial spray is formulated with a neutral 7.2 pH making it compatible for all skin types. It is hypo-allergenic and true to the claim it didn’t cause any skin reactions for me. I believe facial sprays should be a necessary and important part of your skincare routine. Just like our body requires water, it is always great to keep skin hydrated. Concocting a facial spray out of rose water is the cheapest. Evian however has brought us spring water right from the French Alps. Using Evian facial spray is nothing less than a spa experience and one that can happen on-the-go. I love that it is fragrance free. I constantly use it round the day – before serums to have them absorb better, keep my makeup fresh and natural throughout the day, post gym to tackle perspiration and in general whenever I feel like my skin needs a boost of hydration. However my favorite way to use Evian facial spray is to prep my skin before applying clay masks. I cannot say whether it makes the clay mask to perform better but I can totally vouch for the fact that I feel my skin looks much more hydrated and softer than when I don’t use it. There is no stretchy feel to the skin at all. Another bonus point is that it makes taking off the mask a breeze. You could definitely try this technique with other types of masks too.

Overall Evian Facial Spray is amazing and definitely a must have. It is very easy on the pocket and comes in 3 different sizes to cater to your preference.

evian facial spray

evian facial spray

evian facial spray


Highly recommended for all skin types. Your skin would love the extra boost of hydration hot weather or not!



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