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Blast from the past – A look at fail safe fashion trend of Monochrome

Monochrome ~ Black & White is one of the classic trends that have swept the fashion industry like a raging fire since 2013. Fashion runways have embraced this color pair by incorporating them into stripes, geometrical prints, abstract patterns, plaids and polka-dots. The monochrome trend is timeless, so no matter what the season is, you […] Read more…


Makeup Guide For Beginners – Volume 2

Makeup Guide For Beginners Hey Guys, As promised, I am back with the concluding section to Makeup Guide for Beginners. I tried to cover all the basic things about base makeup in the last post here. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would suggest to take a look at that before reading any […] Read more…

makeup guide for beginners

Makeup Guide For Beginners – Volume 1

Makeup Guide For Beginners Hey Guys, Hope all you fabulous people are having a great week. Roughly six years ago when I stumbled upon this wonderful universe of makeup, I was literally bogged down with the amount of products out there. The one question that plagued me was “What makeup should I buy as a […] Read more…